In this episode we discuss Dare days and what it is. Check out the video here.

Should we act like we know what we are doing when we are doing a dare? What is is unnatural to go out of our comfort zone.

We also discuss the hustle, and performance mentality. Who suffers the most when we are trying to reach our goals with such driveness and ambition. Do workaholics know they are actual workaholics?

We discuss the Matrix…yea the movie. Go watch it if you have not before.

We discuss Kevin Harrington too. Yes, He is awesome and yes he was on the show “Shark tank”. Go watch it and see for yourself.

What it really means to “go for the no”. Yes it is a book, check it out and buy it here (it is a game changer)….you will sell more and get over your fear of rejection.

We discuss the Division in our amazing Country and how division keeps us powerless.

And lastly we talk about being programed for instant gratification (makes us lazy and demanding) and how we need to practice delayed gratification. What is delayed gratification and Nic gives some good examples of how you can start practicing this today!





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