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Who is Nic?

I am just a girl after peoples’ hearts.
Those people like the creators, entrepreneurs, misfits, wanderers, those who think they have it “all together” and of course, the good, the extreme and the completely crazy.
I believe we have played patty cake with each other long enough.
I have spent half my life teaching and showing people how to use their God given instincts and emotions combined with my field tested strategies to connect quickly, influence at a higher level and achieve more in any encounter.
When I say field-tested I really mean it.
I spent 3 years living in one of the most violent countries in Central America, Honduras.
I worked with gang members and started a Teen Challenge from the ground up (literally).
I have also worked one-on-one with clients as a therapist on several psychiatric units (yea my background is in psychology it is an actual science believe it or not).
My husband and I (of 20 years this September 2017) have started several businesses and love to help others start their own (even non-profits, you try doing the paperwork by yourself for a 501c3)
My superpower is creating powerful people. We actually created two little ones (4 yr old and 7 yr old) and they are super powerful at times!
I like to create things people remember like events, podcasts, funny videos and businesses, check out the latest (pink moving truck).
I care deeply for all people and love to hear from my followers and haters!
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Shorter Bio for Events and Interviews

Nic is a life strategist, consultant, podcaster, author, public speaker, world traveler, therapist, wife, mom, and loyal friend (also very intense and fun).Her authority lies in the psychology of identity, communication, and leadership. She has major superpowers in creating powerful people by connecting quickly, influencing deeply and achieving more in every encounter.


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