The message of Uncensored Heart is to create a safe environment to have the ‘hard, raw’ conversations.

Being uncensored and living from the heart means we long for redemption in areas of deep pain, loss, betrayal and rejection.

This is a place where you will here TRUTH. We believe we are called to be the ‘link’ between what you have learned ‘formally’ in your mind to real world living in your heart.

We are passionate about seeing your true identity revealed, your relationships restored, and you growing in maturity so you can walk through open doors into the new areas of your life!

Uncensored Heart is designed to help you clarify:

  • your identity (who are you)

  • destiny (why are you here)

  • and assignment (what do I do)

to move from frustration to fulfillment, and then help you stay accountable for accomplishing the steps along the way to implement the BEST for your journey of life. 

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