Nic and Paul interview CEO Steve Robertson about Generation Z. He explains that we do not need to fear the rapid changes of technology and our world, but to embrace it. Steve talks about how different our kids are being raised these days and how we can relate to them as they use digital means to connect and communicate.

Steve Robertson is the CEO of a multimillion dollar company Julian Krinsky camps and programs (JKCP)

He is driven to cultivate a culture that results in memories that last a lifetime as part of an exceptional customer experience.

Building and maintaining relationships with international partners as well as local businesses, colleges and universities is where he focus much of his attention.

Through more than two decades of teaching, interacting with, and programming for the Millennials and Gen Z, He has some surprising revelations to share with parents. As He unpack many insights into who they are, what’s important to them, and what Gen Z expects, He has helped many business leaders rethink how to optimize productivity in the workplace. He is on a mission to help others “look through a different lense” when it comes to technology and the future.

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