Paul and I are discussing deep yet real issues about control and contradictions.

Woman’s march. Why are they marching? Do people really know and understand what they are “standing” for?

We talk about the “threshold of control” and why we can have such patience and understanding for people who are not close to us, but when it comes to our family or those really close to us, we just let them see everything good, bad and ugly about us.

Facebook. To unfriend or not unfriend that is the decision. Do we keep connecting to people or “friends” even though you COMPLETELY disagree with them? I talk about how I love to keep them because I can learn more about where they are coming from even if I totally disagree with them.

We need other people. We have not arrived or mastered one topic and we never will. The onion is always being pulled back to another layer. We need other people speaking truth and life to us. We will never get a full recipe down that says you have to do this or do that and it will always work.

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